Monday, 27 April 2009

Eastenders..The Case Study.

* Eastenders is on every evening of the week at around about
7.30pm or 8.00pm it runs for about 27-29 mins except Wednesday nights when the
Tv drama Waterloo Road is on.

* It was first broadcasted on BBC1 on the 19th of February 1985 and is still continuing to
date making it 23 years old and is still a succsess and still the most followed soap. So far there
has been upto 3767 episodes as of 24th of April 2009. The first families to arrive on the
infamous Albert square were the Beales and the Fowlers.

* people watched as a family and regarded it as viewing for all the family. Based on market
research by BBC commissioning in 2003, EastEnders is most watched by 60–74 year olds, although all age groups watch it and it is
closely followed by 45–59 year olds. An average EastEnders episode attracts a total audience
share between 35 and 40%. Aside from that, the 10 p.m. repeat showing on BBC Three
attracts. an average of 500,000 viewers, whilst the Sunday omnibus generally attracts 3
million. EastEnders is one of the more popular soaps on television alongside Hollyoaks, coronation street, and emmerdale.

*Eastenders closely follows its main target audience by making the drama so unbeatable with everyone talking about what happened the following day it's key slogan "Eastenders; Everyones talking about it" shows this.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Television drama brief

TELEVISIONdrama _____________________ by the end of this project you must have: ________________________________________________________________ -a thorough, detailed planning blog -a textual analysis essay, analysing an existing televison dama -a storyboad for the title sequence of your own, oringinal television drama programme ________________________________________________________________ you may also have -a filmed and editied DVD of your own oinginal title sequence