Monday, 29 June 2009

Coronation Street Logo.

-Tells what kind of nieghbourhood it is
-Sets the mood and story
-Tells of what kindof characters you can expect to find.
-sets personality and main areas things take place in
-What kind of personality it has and places things are set in.
-setting tells us it is a traditional soap drama.
-Quite old target audience probably 45-60 or older.
-Typography quite straight.

Desperate housewives logo.

Desperate housewives

=The first sin? Eve standing there apples come in different sizes and so do women.
Roundness of apples contribute to feminism.
-apples are fruitfull so maybe saying something to the theme of the drama
-Poison (snow white story)
apple is shiny- connotes that women are clean and tidy
- Typography presents to us a fairytale undertone
Eve's position= women are vunerable and need to be taken care of.

Dexter title analysis

Some of you still haven't put your sections of Dexter notes onto your blogs. Here's what I have from class:

Start- focus on mosquito. kills it. camera refocuses on to dexters face (smile).
Extreme close-ups - e.g. cleaning blood,cooking,cutting orange shows intimate detail
Close up on face before leaving house
Mysterious, only see his face clearly at end
dark side

Foley track (emphasises sound) digetic sound
- blood dripping
- flossing
- pulling key out
- cooking
- slicing orange
- killing the fly
- eating
- shaving
Non-digetic sound
- creepy music
- jolly/fairground
- ticking
- casual/jaunty
- click at the end
- music fades away when he gets outside (matches his facial expression)

blood, fruit and other red liquids murder
cloths white t-shirt (normality) suggest smothering
Facial expression creepy and seems like a syco, but is the opposite when he leaves his house
props the way he shaves shows the first sign of blood.Normal morning- Breakfast, flossing, shaving etc.

Dexter is written in blood
Jump cuts : him waking up and him shaving, the blood drips in the sink and him wipeing the blood slithering down his neck, him wipeing his neck and him cutting open the meat, him putting the meat in the pan and him stabbin and twisting it, he then puts the meat into his mouth and begins chewing it, also the eggs he breaks the eggs and then stabs it it in the pn and twists it like painful stab wound.
The part where he locks his apartment and walks away locking away

Monday, 8 June 2009

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Monday, 11 May 2009

Skins tariler

In what ways are Teenagers represtented in this trailer?

party crashers
go about in gangs
no respect for authority

How are these representations constructed?

Pacy music-loud can't hear- only see what their doing, focus on their actions, things getting out of
control, the structure blurs as it progresses and kids get more out of control

Reasearch task

Pick one drama, soap or one-off TV series find out:

*what time(s) and channel(s) it is broadcast on.
*When it started (and finished, if appropriate).
*Who makes it (its production company)
*What its highest ratings have been.
*What its target audience is (demographics and phsycographics).
*What the critics have said about it.

*Also, give a detailed brief of the sypnosis including settings and characters.